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The First National Conference to Stop Fracking

For too long, a drilling rush has been sweeping the United States. Across the country, the oil and gas industry is surging into new areas using a dangerous and unnecessary drilling practice called hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," despite warnings that it is dangerous for our health and the planet.

Local communities from California to New York have seen the impacts: from earthquakes to flaming faucets to polluted air and water. And thousands of us have already spoken out to stop fracking in our own towns across America. But so far, many of our fellow "fracktivists" have been isolated-fighting drilling in their own backyard without connection to and support from our broader community. That ends in 2013.

We're helping to sponsor a major national conference on how to fight fracking. And we're hosting it right in the heart of the frackers' own backyard: Dallas, Texas. As you fly into the Dallas/Forth Worth airport there are well pads as far as the eye can see, and once you land you are greeted by a compressor station right outside the airport. This is fracking at its worst, and it is home to many of the oil and gas companies destroying communities around the country.

The conference will be held Mar. 2 and 3, followed by a rally and march in Austin on Mar. 4. Can you join us? Register today!.

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Featured Speakers:

Dr. Tony Ingraffea has taught structural mechanics, finite element methods, and fracture mechanics at Cornell for 33 years. Dr.Ingraffea's research concentrates on computer simulation and physical testing of complex fracturing processes. He will be speaking on a panel entitled, "Connecting Fracking, Climate Change, and Clean Energy"

Deborah Rodgers is the founder of Energy Policy Forum, a consultancy and educational forum dedicated to policy and financial issues regarding shale gas and renewable energy. She lectures on shale gas economics throughout the U.S. and abroad at Universities, business venues and public forums and has appeared on MSNBC and NPR. She will close out the weekend with a plenary on the real economics behind the shale boom.

Danny Kennedy is the co-founder and President of Sungevity. A long time social entrepreneur, Danny has achieved global recognition as an environmental activist, spokesperson, and opinion leader. Most recently, Danny was the Campaigns Manager for Greenpeace Australia Pacific. He will be the keynote speaker on Saturday evening.

Wilma Subra is a chemist who has spent her career defending local communities against Louisiana's powerful oil and gas industry. She received a MacArthur Fellowship for helping "ordinary citizens understand, cope with and combat environmental issues." Wilma will be speaking on the health impacts of fracking at the Sunday morning plenary.


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