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NYS PSC Considering New Policies Facilitating Use of NG in NYS

The NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) is considering new policies to facilitate the use of natural gas in NYS. Comments are due on Monday February 25, 2013.

I won't have time to prepare comments. However, it is important to comment, and here's why, and how:

1. The NYS Public Service Commission (PSC) Is proposed a very gas friendly policy, which would increase fracking and green house gasses. I have attached their order that initiated this review. If you read it, you'll see why it's so important to comment.
The file is called: PSC Order_11_27_12.pdf

2. As part of their technical review, the PSC has requested answers to a series of questions. I have attached this notice, which has the questions and the address to which you should send your answers.
The file is called: PSC technical review_revised.pdf

Your comments should include your name and address, CASE 12-G-0297 - Proceeding on Motion of the Commission To Examine Policies Regarding the Expansion of Natural Gas Service.

a. submit comments electronically (See footnotes 2 and 3 in the attached document to learn how. It's a bit complicated.)


b. email comments to: Secretary


3. mail comments to:
Hon. Jaclyn A. Billing,
Secretary, New York State Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza,
Albany, New York

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