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Sinopec to Buy Chesapeake Energy Assets for $1.02 Billion

Aubrey McClendon, chief executive officer at Chesapeake, agreed on Jan. 29 to step down by April 1 from the company he co-founded 23 years ago after slumping gas prices erased profits, worsened Chesapeake’s debt load and triggered job cuts and asset sales. The company’s $13.6 billion market value is less than half its $35.6 billion peak from 2008 and a fraction of the $100 billion estimate that McClendon pegged as its true value during a March 2012 interview.

Sinopec Chairman Fu Chengyu said in May his company had held talks with Chesapeake and others about investing in shale assets. Fu was seen sitting in a front-row seat at Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City in June 2012 watching the Oklahoma City Thunder take on the Miami Heat in an NBA final. The Thunder is partly owned by McClendon."

If we allow them to sell the public on Natural Gas as being CLEAN or as "Our Gas" we help them destroy us. We need to educate teh public and the Pro-Frackers CHINA owns the FRACKING Gas, not you, not me, not "Merica. It isn't "our Gas", anyway. That is a lie. It is a FOSSIL FUEL.

In addition, and this is an important point---FRACKING requires truly vast quantities of DIESEL fuel for all the processes involved in FRACKING... From all the trucks hauling equipment and water to and from each FRACK and all the compressors and equipment needed to drill and generate the pressures to FRACK and get the waste water back up and out! 24/7 diesel generators running at each FRACK site. And, that diesel is made from, yup, you guessed it: OTHER fossil fuels that come largely from Saudi's...Thus SAUDI OIL is essentially required to FRACK! Vast QUANTITIES are needed to FRACK! I wish our misguided friends (FRACKERS) could think of entire processes; that they could see farther than the the snow job of money or "jobs". Boom and Bust.
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