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I write to implore you to become a signatory to a new coalition letter that aims to prevent Health Commissioner Nirav R. Shah from completing a bogus Review of the Public Health Impact of High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing within a "few weeks."

The letter requests that formal public participation and major revisions for the DOH Review be adopted. As I will explain below, those essential goals must be achieved without delay or New York's shale gas fracking moratorium could end extraordinarily soon.

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DEC's Revised Shale Gas Rulemaking Proceeding Failed Because Neither the DOH Review Nor a Final SGEIS Could be Completed by the Deadline

I alerted you earlier that Health Commissioner Nirav R. Shah wrote on 2/12/13 to inform DEC Commissioner Joe Martens that the DOH Review of HVHF could not be finished in time to adopt a Final SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement) and complete DEC's shale gas Revised Rulemaking proceeding by a drop-dead deadline of 2/27/13.

Dr. Shah stated: "I anticipate delivering the completed Public Health Review to you [Martens] within a few weeks (emphasis added), along with my recommendations."

Joe Martens stated that DEC could adopt a Final SGEIS after the DOH Review is completed if Shah raises no objections.

Shale gas extraction permits could be issued ten days later. More than 50 permit applications are in the pipeline.

See Dr. Shah's letter to DEC Commissioner Martens:

See Commissioner Marten's statement:

Governor Cuomo Stubbornly Refuses to Require Public Participation for DOH Review

It is imperative to understand that the Cuomo Administration did not voluntarily end DEC's shale gas Revised Rulemaking Proceeding, halt the DOH Review or withdraw the draft SGEIS to address its shortcomings as more than 25,000 signatories to various coalition letters requested. Our campaign efforts since last November simply made completion of the DOH Review impossible.

Governor Cuomo refuses to require public notice regarding the intent of the DOH Review or how it is being undertaken. He has not required any opportunity for public review or comment. He will not hold even one public hearing to receive testimony about how DOH should conduct its Public Health Impact Review.

In short, the Governor has not yet responded favorably to three major coalition letters which request that the DOH Review be put on-hold pending fulfillment of formal public participation requirements. It is crucial to keep cranking up the heat until he makes the DOH Review "open and transparent."

If this cannot be achieved, shale gas fracking could begin depressingly shortly.

New Coalition Letter Requests That Major Revisions to DOH Review Be Adopted

The new coalition letter requests that major revisions to the DOH Review be adopted by asking that it include a detailed analysis of all the gas/oil extraction incidents that DEC refused to include in earlier drafts of the SGEIS. Hundreds of those incidents are documented in an Appendix.

The coalition letter also requests that the DOH Review not be completed pending review of the final results of three investigations that Dr. Shah referenced in his letter to Commissioner Martens. Dr. Shah called them "...the first comprehensive studies of HVHF health impacts at either the state or federal level." The letter states: We believe "prudence dictates (emphasis added)" that the DOH Review must assess the final results of these "first comprehensive studies (emphasis added)."


Our backs remain against the proverbial wall.
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