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Natural Gas Storage Expansion

Inergy filed for permits to drill wells 30A and 31A on March 29, 2012. DEC issued permits for "stratigraphic test wells" and Inergy began drilling in May of that year. On February 26th of this year, a little over one week ago, Inergy, DBA Arlington Gas Storage applied to FERC to convert the wells to natural gas storage.

In the FERC filing, Inergy seeks to fast-track this application and asked for approval to be granted "on or before July 1, 2013. The document contains the following language,

"Arlington respectfully requests that the Commission issue an order authorizing the Gallery 2 Expansion Project no later than July 1, 2013. Consideration and approval of this Application within this timeframe will not prejudice the interests of the potentially affected public since, as shown above and in the accompanying Resource Reports, construction and operation of the Gallery 2 Expansion Project will produce no significant adverse environmental impacts and is unlikely to encounter substantial landowner opposition. To this end, Arlington requests that this Application be considered under the shortened procedures referenced in section 385.802 of the Commission’s Rules, 18 C.F.R. § 385.802. If so considered, and assuming that the authorizations and waivers requested herein are granted, Arlington requests that the intermediate decision procedure be omitted."

This expansion is the beginning of their plans to expand storage of shale gas from 1.5 billion cubic feet (BCF) to as much as 10.0 BCF. This is in addition to the natural gas liquids (NGLs) storage project currently under review by NYS DEC. Their goal as stated on their website is to, "Build out an integrated gas storage and transportation hub for the North East". Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes are at the epicenter of that hub.

Gas Free Seneca and our legal partners, Earthjustice, remain steadfastly in opposition to this massive industrial gas storage project here in the Finger Lakes, on the shores of Seneca Lake, a Class AA drinking water supply for 100,00 people, a World Class tourist destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, and the place we call home. Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes are an irreplaceable resource and we will not let them be threatened by out of state, Kansas City, MO based Inergy.

Joseph M Campbell, DC
President and Co-Founder
Gas Free Seneca
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