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The Town of Andes Passes Ban on Heavy Industry – aka Fracking!

The Andes Town Board cast a momentous vote to ban heavy industry, and therefore High Volume Hydraulic Fracture gas drilling (aka fracking). The Andes Town Board reviewed the issues and listened to the opinion of the residents of Andes and at their February meeting, passed a ban on heavy industry, making Andes the first town in Delaware County to ban this extreme form of resource extraction.

We are truly grateful to Andes Town Supervisor Marty Donnelly and all the members of the Town Board for being willing to learn about the dangers of fracking, for listening to their constituents, and for having the courage to stand up to protect our town.

Are you interested in getting a ban or moratorium passed in your town? While we recognize that each community is different, we’ve put together some thoughts about what we feel has been most helpful to our process here in Andes, in the hopes that it might be helpful to people who are working to protect their towns
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