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No Suspense: Fracking Deadline to Come and Go

With New York’s review of large-scale hydraulic fracturing in its 55th month, the state’s proposed regulations for the process are set to expire Wednesday.

State regulators signaled earlier this month they would miss the deadline as they finish a review of fracking’s potential health impacts and whether the rules would do enough to protect against them. But the soon-to-be-missed due date sparked another round of criticism from gas-drilling supporters and calls from opponents to open the review to the public.

“From the start, (Governor) Andrew Cuomo has tried to have it both ways on hydrofracking: simultaneously appeasing his radical environmentalist base while ostensibly appearing business-friendly,” said state Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox, who sits on the board of oil-and-gas company Noble Energy.

“But by allowing politics to dominate what should have been a business decision, Andrew Cuomo has killed the competitive development of New York’s natural gas reserves.”
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