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Pennsylvania DEP Gets Radioactive

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has long denied the issue of radiation in fracking wastewater is a concern.

In January 2013, PA Gov. Tom Corbett announced a 12-month DEP study of radioactive wastewater.

DEP begins fracking radiation tests according to Rachel Morgan,, Thursday, April 4, 2013:

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection this month will begin testing for radioactivity in waste products from natural gas well drilling.

In addition to analyzing wastewater from hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, the study also will analyze radioactivity in drill cuttings, drilling mud, drilling equipment, treatment solids and sediments at well pads, wastewater treatment and disposal facilities and landfill leachate, among others.

The study also will test radiation levels for the equipment involved in the transportation, storage and disposal of drilling wastes.

More details on the study:

DEP spokesman Kevin Sunday says today’s announcement explains more about the agency’s plans, but right now there’s no reason to believe the public is in any kind of danger.

“There’s nothing out there to indicate the public or industry face any kind of risk of radiation exposure.”

The agency has hired an outside contractor, Perma-Fix Environmental Services, which will work in conjunction with DEP staff to focus on the quantity of “naturally occurring radioactive materials” (NORM) and ”technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material” (TENORM).
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