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Fracking Win: Court Says Feds Ignored Environment in Oil Leases

A landmark victory against destructive fracking in the Golden State: This week, responding to a suit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity and partners, a federal court ruled that the Bureau of Land Management failed to fully consider the environmental risks of fracking when it issued oil leases for 2,500 acres of public land in Monterey County, Calif.

"This important decision recognizes that fracking poses new, unique risks to California's air, water and wildlife that government agencies can't ignore," said the Center's Brendan Cummings, who argued the case. "This is a watershed moment -- the first court opinion to find a federal lease sale invalid for failing to address the monumental dangers of fracking."

Fracking has already been used in hundreds, perhaps thousands of California oil and gas wells. It has been tied to pollution in other states and releases huge quantities of methane, a dangerously potent greenhouse gas. This decision means that, at the very least, no drilling or fracking on the Monterey County leases will be allowed without a thorough study of environmental risks.
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