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Harvard Study: FracFocus Fails to Provide Adequate Disclosure for Fracking Chemicals

Thanks to two great stories by E&E’s Mike Soraghan, we know that the Harvard Law School has evaluated and found government (and the public) shouldn’t rely upon it.

In short, Harvard says FracFocus is inadequate for at least three reasons:

It is hard to determine when and if companies make disclosures.

The data contained within FracFocus isn’t vetted—it consists of whatever the company reports. Secrecy claims made by companies aren’t vetted—FracFocus allows for unchallenged and extremely broad disclosure exemptions made at the company’s discretion.

In sum, Harvard says that FracFocus allows for disclosure on the fracking company’s terms without much regard for the community’s right to know. And the end product is inconsistent and unreliable.
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