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Governor Cuomo Receives Avalanche of nearly 1,000 Personalized Requests for a Shale Gas Public Health Impact Study


I am thrilled to let you know that Governor Cuomo has received an avalanche of nearly 1,000 powerful, passionate, eloquent and super-focused emails which request that he conduct a Comprehensive Shale Gas "Public Health Impact Study" and put Dr. Shah's shockingly inadequate DOH Review on-hold.

Thank you all so much. That response is truly astounding.

As long as the bogus DOH shale gas health Review conducted in secret without any public participation is not completed, no Final SGEIS can be adopted and New York's shale gas fracking moratorium remains in effect.

I invite you to read the inspiring personal messages below. Each and every one frames the key request. You will be blown away. They are also posted at:

Please try to stick to the critical message for maximum impact: DOH Study: Good; DOH Review: BAD. Message discipline is very important.

If you have not already done so, please send a personal message today and forward the alert below to your list servs. We only need 30 more messages to cross the 1,000 threshold. It only takes seconds to fill in a few blanks and hit "send:"

As a general rule, the most effective messages are personal, respectful and include a cogent request that can indisputably hold Governor Cuomo accountable for his actions. Representatives of organizations and voters carry more weight. Governmental officials are always impressive. Whales who can write giant checks attract outsized attention.

Messages have been sent by all those entities as well as religious leaders, major Cuomo supporters, college professors, health care professionals, business leaders, farmers, leaders of major institutions, philanthropists, many pillars of society and, most importantly, the salt of the earth. Bravo.

Want to learn how to increase your political clout? Check out a video which outlines key unspoken rules so that you can learn the secret handshake:

Finally, I would like to express gratitude to all those who have worked so long and hard to help in too many ways to count, including: Elizabeth Manus for driving home the need to make shale gas activism as easy and as effective as possible as well as the NYRADians, Richard Averett of Sustainable Otsego, Anna Sears in Rochester, Marsha Acerra in Ithaca, Concerned Citizens of Rural Broome and Sue Rapp of VeRSE for posting/forwarding alerts and systematically beating the bushes to generate grassroots support.

Thank you all once again. Onward and upward
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