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Inergy Midstream, originally an LLC, now an MLP—a Master Limited Partnership—a strategy to further insulate the company from liability. The company’s main headquarters are in Kansas City, MO, and the company is strongly supported by Senator Claire McCaskill a staunch defender of the construction of the Keystone Pipeline ( McCaskill’s connection to Keystone is much closer to home, however, for the residents of at least Lycoming, Luzerne, Sullivan, Bradford, and Columbia County, PA, as well as the whole of the Southern Tier of New York. The name of that connection is the Marc I Pipeline, a 39 mile, 30 inch, $315 million dollar, natural gas pipeline described as a “crucial connection” for all natural gas storage and pipeline in the Southern Tier, and connecting the Stagecoach South to the Transco Leidy Line. The Marc I would also connect to the Millennium, an Inergy pipeline. While the pipeline and one of its adjoining Sullivan County Compressor Stations sport the name CNYOG—Central New York Oil and Gas—CNYOG is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Inergy Midstream.

The EPA reported in July, 2011 that CNYOG failed to properly evaluate potential impacts of gas drilling wells, gathering lines, and access roads on the pipeline, but despite this, and despite a serious accident which exposed a substantial portion of a petroleum pipeline in the Loyalsock Watershed in Lycoming County during the Hurricane Lee flooding in September 2011, Senator McCaskill asked FERC to grant the permit for the construction of the Marc I as soon as possible. She makes no mention of the potential effects of flooding in her request—despite the fact that catastrophic weather events are accelerated by climate change, despite the fact that extreme extraction contributes to climate change, and despite more than 22,000 comments received by FERC opposing the pipeline (
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