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Live at Historic Vote in Illinois: Steingraber and Citizens Bust Fracking Bill (Video)

On the eve of the historic fracking bill vote in Illinois, a citizen uprising led by nationally acclaimed scientist Dr. Sandra Steingraber, health workers, community groups and threatened downstate residents held 11th hour meetings yesterday with aides from the offices of Gov. Pat Quinn and Attorney General Lisa Madigan and effectively busted the faltering argument for fracking regulations as a "jobs bill" and "national standard for environmental protection."

"The fracking emperor has no clothes," said Steingraber, an Illinois native and Distinguished Scholar in Residence in the Department of Environmental Studies and Science at Ithaca College, who testified last week at a House committee hearing.

"The regulatory bill now before the Assembly was drafted, under the guidance of Illinois Attorney General, behind closed doors with no public hearings, no public comment period, no input from scientists or physicians or public health officials, without environmental studies or a health impact assessment. These rules are arbitrary compromises based on negotiations with industry. They guarantee neither public health nor environmental integrity."
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