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Letter: LPG Storage Has No Place in Finger Lakes Region

Inergy Corp. of Kansas City, Mo., believes they know what to do with our most precious resources — our land and water.

A study commissioned in 2001 concluded that the salt mines of Schuyler County were not safe for liquified petroleum gas storage. So what did Inergy do? It commissioned another study to give the conclusion that it wanted. This latest study, by Andrew Koslowski, the acting associate geologist for our state, concluded that LPG storage by Inergy would be safe with a “properly developed monitoring program” in place.

Inergy has a monitoring program in place for its current facility in Schuyler County. This facility dumps brine and toxic waste into the waters of Seneca Lake daily. This discharge consistently exceeds the safe limits set by our government. According to Inergy‘s “plan,” it monitors this discharge and pays its fines consistently for polluting our land and water.

Neither Koslowski’s study or Inergy‘s safety plan will be released to the public. We don’t know why the Reading town officials believed that they could trust our future to Inergy, but three other counties in our Finger Lakes region could not and took legal action to protect their citizens.

Stop Inergy and LPG storage in our Finger Lakes region now.


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