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DEP (Department of Environmental Prevarication) Hides Dirty Water

The Fracksylvania DEP (Department of Environmental Prevarication) pretended to have lost its files on shale gas well problems. Until a court ordered them to find them. Which they did. Turns out most of the leakers, spills and other polluters were right across the border from New York, hiding behind an array of gag orders and locked fences. Imagine that. A state environmental agency that willfully covers up environmental problems ? Whoever heard of such a thing ! ?

And these were just the ones that were reported. A small fraction of the total number of leakers, spills, flowback dumps, potholed roads, sludge run offs and of course clear-cut forests.

Sunday Times review of DEP drilling records reveals water damage, murky testing methods

BY LAURA LEGERE (STAFF WRITER) May 19, 2013 First of two parts

State environmental regulators determined that oil and gas development damaged the water supplies for at least 161 Pennsylvania homes, farms, churches and businesses between 2008 and the fall of 2012, according to a cache of nearly 1,000 letters and enforcement orders written by Department of Environmental Protection officials and obtained by The Sunday Times.

The determination letters are sent to water supply owners who ask state inspectors to investigate whether oil and gas drilling activities have polluted or diminished the flow of water to their wells.

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Gas Drilling Complaints Map

One in six investigations across the roughly five-year period 17 percent of the records found that oil and gas activity disrupted water supplies either temporarily or seriously enough to require companies to replace the spoiled source statewide. The problem is worse by the New York border. The percentage of problematic wells is 70% in Bradford County and 65% in Susquehanna County.
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