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How New York State Could be Entirely Renewable by 2030

Here at Sane Energy Project, we are big fans of the Stanford University studies on renewable energy. Mark Jacobson and Mark Delucchi had already published a 2009 study, showing how the entire world could run on renewable energy by 2030. Now, Professor Jacobson has published–together with Robert Howarth, Mark Delucchi, Jannette Barth, and others–a new study that outlines how New York State can convert solely to wind, water and solar power by 2030. A video summary of the study can be viewed here.

The plan is essentially a recipe of what proportion of power would come from each source, and how many megawatts would be supplied by how many wind turbines, solar panels, et cetera. The state is already very hydro-heavy. Of the hydro, 89% of what’s needed already exists, and the remaining 11% could be developed along existing pathways, so the theory is that environmental disruption would be minimal. Because wind remains so much cheaper to build than solar, the largest proportion of new installations would be turbines, primarily offshore. Solar and geothermal make up the balance. The proportions break down as follows:

Wind: 40% offshore; 10% onshore Water: 5.5% hydro; 1% tidal; 0.5% wave Solar: 10% concentrated solar plants; 10% solar-pv plants; 6% residential rooftop; 12% commercial/governmental rooftop Geothermal: 5%

The map at left shows the relative footprint of each source. The exact number of total installations needed are as follows:
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