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Inergy/Salt Engineer Demands at Hector Board Meeting That Hector Residents Be Prohibited From Attending Hearing at Reading Town Hall on August 13, 2013

Process engineer at US Salt (aka Inergy), David Crea, demanded that the board (and everyone else in attendance) prohibit Hector residents "with their Ithaca mindset" from attending the Town of Reading Board meetings.

Attempting to prohibit attendance at a public hearing is a direct violation of NY State Open Meeting Law.

To his credit, Hector Town Supervisor, Ben Dickens, pointed out that Hector owns Seneca Lake right up to the shoreline in Reading and that they have a vested interest in what happens in Reading.

Legal Notice: Notice of Public Hearing The Town of Reading Planning Board will hold a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. onAugust 15, 2013 at the Town of Reading Town Hall, Reading Center, New York, to hear public comment on the Application of Amerigas, Inc. and William Meehan for approval of a site plan and special use permit for a bulk propane storage facility on approximately 2.49 acres of leased property comprising a portion of 2883 County Line Road, Town of Reading, Schuyler County, New York 14891.

Plans for the project include the installation of two (2) 30,000 gallon above ground propane storage tanks and associated appurtenances, grading and installation of gravel access roads and parking for approximately five (5) propane delivery trucks and three (3) employee vehicles, grading and installation of a gravel staging area for temporary storage of empty propane tanks, installation of security fencing and locking access road security gates to enclose the entire parcel, and installation of four (4) pole mounted light fixtures for security lighting at the entry gates and bulk propane loading/unloading station."

...and of which the above is a symptom.....

Dear friends,

Here are just a few of the ways we are being fracked in NYS: compressor stations, pipeline build out, silica dust, air polution, deforestation, massive water withdrawals, toxic waste dumping (legal and illegal), brine spreading, LNG Storage, low volume horizontal fracking, disposal wells at the ready, diesel exhaust, plus radioactive waste threatening our food and water.

You have got to read this latest excellent work by Peter Mantius (first link below). Using information from the article examine the Chemung River Watershed system (second link) which is likely being contaminated by radio active waste as we speak.

If radioactive leachate from the Hyland Landfill (Steuben County) is finding its way into the river system and radioactive material from frack fluid is being dumped directly into the Cohocton River then where is it going? Follow me for a second.

The Cohocton flows into the Chemung at Painted Post. The Chemung then meanders east past Corning and Elmira before emptying into the Susquehana River which reaches the Atlantic Ocean via Chesapeake Bay. This river system provides drinking water for millions of us.

Now follow the north flowing Tioga River from the frack fields of Tioga County PA to Painted post where it, too, dumps into the Chemung. What kinds of fracking poisons have found their way into the Tioga River so far and, by extension, the Chemung?

From what source do you get your drinking water? Mine comes from the Chemung River. I'm being fracked. And you are, too, probably in more ways than any of us currently understand.

Keep your head up, your eyes wide open, and get involved.

Article forwarded by Susan Walker
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