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Contribution from Keuka Citizens Against Hydrofracking

Voters in the northern Colorado city of Longmont decisively approved the city's home rule charter to prohibit fracking in the city of roughly 86,000 residents. Also prohibited is the disposal of solid or liquid wastes created in connection with the hydraulic fracturing process in open pits, including but not limited to flowback or produced wastewater and brine. In succeeding in getting the fracking ban approved, the grass-roots effort overcame staggering odds with the national and state oil and gas industry trade groups and companies outspending them during the campaign nearly 30-to-1, according to the latest city campaign finance reports. "Our message has really been health and the quality of life in this community," spokesperson Michael Bellmont said. "And the quality and the health of the community are not for sale."

The Town Board voted unanimously to prohibit fracking in the Town of New Hartford.

Penn Yan became the latest town in the Keuka Lake watershed to enact a moratorium.

The Parliament of Luxembourg voted against a motion to extract underground shale gas due to concerns over the environmental impact of the process. Several MPs indicated that the extraction of shale gas was not in the interest of moving the country of Luxembourg towards the consumption of sustainable and green sources of energy.

For your information . . .

In 2011, 5 NYS landfills (Angelica, Lowman, Niagara Falls, Painted Post, and Waterloo) received a total of:

213,724.44 tons of drill cuttings

8590 Bbls of drilling fluid

1320 BBls of flow-back fluid

443.47 tons of flow-back fracturing sand

445 BBls of produced fluid

From January to June, 2012, 3 NYS landfills (at Lowman, Niagara Falls, and Painted Post) received a total of:

54,958.36 tons of drill cuttings

8199.48 Bbl of drilling fluids

55.7 tons of flow-back fracturing sand

Opposition to landfill abuse by dumping fracking materials is increasing in New York State. The Geneva Town Board last week tabled a request to expand the landfill.

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