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The Return of Thirty Days: The Infrastructure Regs

Welcome to Day 2 of The Return of Thirty Days!

As October’s falling leaves unveil the orchards, farms, cities, and forests of New York, draft regs—now being floated by Governor Cuomo’s Department of Environmental Conservation—seek to replace a statewide ban on Liquefied Natural Gas facilities with rules that will permit them.

Let’s take a close look. Today, we focus on the topic of location.

Where exactly can these facilities be sited? And how big can they be?

[Hints: The words “anywhere” and “any size” are operable.]

Click here to write and submit your October 7 comment on the fracking infrastructure regs.

Along the way, we examine the cause of a horrific accident in Staten Island that, 40 years ago, sparked a citizen uprising against Liquefied Natural Gas and led to the statewide ban we now enjoy.

The back story: Last winter, New Yorkers sent a record-breaking 204,000 comments to the DEC in response to fatally flawed regulations that would open our state to fracking. Those regs have expired. But now state and federal agencies are proposing permissive regulations on fracking infrastructure projects that will transport, store, liquefy, and ship fracked gases overseas. These new regs are just as weak and inadequate as the proposed fracking regulations of last year. The facilities they permit are dangerous for us, dangerous for our climate, and pave the way for fracking.

Between now and November 4, we will focus each day on an issue of importance for one or another of three such projects, give you science, and help you submit a comment.

Coming up tomorrow: How Liquefied Natural Gas threatens air quality. Together with a quick review of seventh grade physics! (Hey, remember phase changes?)

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