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Inergy Blacklisting NY Businesses Who Oppose Industrialized Gas Storage/ Transport

We at Gas Free Seneca are extremely disturbed by the fact that employees from an out-of-state based corporation would attempt to bully local, sustainable businesses that simply wish to preserve what some have spent generations building. Turning our area into a gas storage and transportation hub for the North Eastern United States flies in the face of what our business coalition members have worked so hard to accomplish within the Finger Lakes, and threatens the hundreds of millions of dollars our businesses bring into the area on an annual basis. The behavior promoted by Inergy higher-ups is not neighborly, and does not help Inergy’s reputation. Furthermore, since most of the recipients on the email from Mr. Cigich are not local, we do not believe their intentions will in any way have a negative impact on area businesses. Despite our differences in opinion about the Inergy project, we are a community, and communities stick together. That’s why we encourage all members of our business coalition to continue to serve all patrons, including ones we may disagree with on this project. For businesses wishing to stand together with the other Gas Free Seneca Coalition members, please write to: and join us.

Yvonne Taylor Co-Founder, Gas Free Seneca
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