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Donate to Make Sure PA Families Have Clean Water and the Ability to Speak Out Against Fracking!

You may have heard about communities in PA like Dimock, whose water is now unusable because of fracking they can't even shower with it. Some can even light their water on fire.

The EPA dropped an investigation into water contamination from fracking, because of pressure from the oil & gas industry.

Some families in the area have chosen not to settle with the gas company in court. If they had, they would get water, but they would also be silenced from speaking out about the dangers of fracking. The cost of getting water to their homes is the cost of their freedom of speech.

Community members Craig Stevens and Ray Kemble are currently delivering water to these families, but they need your help.

Make a tax-deductible donation today to help Craig and Ray deliver clean water to families in Dimock and Franklin Forks, PA and the ability to continue to speak out against the dangers of fracking!

All contributions will go to Craig and Ray for water deliveries.
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