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About TPP, Bans, Lawsuits & Albany Rally

Dear Friends,

ABOUT TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement): it will undo all our hard work, encourage exportation of natural gas (, threaten our climate, and "hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests" per Congressman Alan Grayson.

In spite of its being such a secret agreement, there is tons of info about TPP available on the internet thanks to WikiLeaks:

Please read everything you can about this international agreement. Talk to others about it. Write Letters to the Editor about it. Contact your Congressional representatives, and demand that they push for transparency in the negotiations and vote “no” if required to vote before the TPP is aired publicly.

UPDATES ON FRACKING BANS AND LAWSUITS: Pro-Fracking Interests Think Courts May Be Last Chance:

Erie County passed a ban on fracking and its ancillary activities on county owned property:

Onondaga County also passed a ban:

This brings the number of NY counties with bans to 14 out of 62 counties statewide. Click here to see maps of municipal bans and moratoria and more:

The Millennium "1-81" Pipeline from Binghamton to Syracuse has been defeated:

The Town of Avon postponed adopting its new moratorium by John Holco's request. You may recall his gas drilling company, Lenape Resources, is suing the town. He has until January to file an appeal.

Dryden lawsuit update: Norse Energy sues Governor Cuomo, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens and Health Commissioner Nirav Shah: Explanation of this latest case by attorneys Helen and David Slottje:

Cuomo's in no rush:

Anyone want to submit a response to the Democrat and Chronicle's Op Ed Hydrofracking Update Long Overdue?

ALBANY RALLY, WEDNESDAY, 1/8/14: Sign up for the bus here:

Thank you all for everything you do.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season!


Anna Sears, co-founder R-CAUSE (Rochesterians Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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