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From Gas Free Seneca -

Dear Friends,

Thank you for participating in the NY Now poll on whether or not you support gas storage in Seneca Lake. 95% are opposed. Sadly, despite these results, the Reality is that Seneca Lake could be host to 2 billion cubic feet of compressed natural gas (NOT the LPG portion of the project!) by the end of this month. Our team at Earthjustice has been able to stall the project with some air quality concerns, but if that is the only thing holding up FERC's permitting process, shovels could be in the ground soon.

NY Now poll results:

The LPG portion of the project is still undecided; and if the DEC ever approves that, we have tons of legal recourse. However, Inergy's subsidiary has applied through FERC to expand the compressed natural gas storage through their subsidiary Arlington. There is little wiggle room with FERC. Our concern is that if the LPG project continues to get stalled, Inergy/ Crestwood might just keep applying to store gas through FERC and fill the 62 some-odd empty caverns that way. .....

Inergy/ US Salt just purchased 25 additional acres of land in reading last week...

Yes, essentially we had been begging people to comment prior to the FERC comment period deadline, which was in mid-November, and Earthjustice sent in a 104 page comment that raised, among other things, air quality issues (Inergy wants to use a gas-fired compressor that is antiquated and does not meet EPA standards, but insists that it is so old, it should be grandfathered in).

FERC could have granted the permit yesterday, but the concerns we raised bought us about 15 more days (AS OF 12/12/2013), as they asked Arlington (Inergy's subisidiary) to supply more information.

The DEC still has to approve the underground storage permit as well.

We participated in the NYAF meeting last night (12/12/2013), and it woke a few people up. There was talk of calling an emergency meeting to garner some support and get some ideas of next steps.

One concern that we have is that perhaps we have done such a good job staving off the LPG portion of the project, that Inergy will just look to FERC for more and more natural gas storage expansion. As you know, FERC rubber-stamps anything "gassy", so that is a huge concern: this 2.0 billion cubic feet of natural gas storage could be the camel's nose under the tent...

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