Starkey Citizens for a Clean & Healthy Environment
Let's Make Fracking a Crime

Dear friends,

I know it's year-end, and everybody and her uncle have been asking for your hard-earned dough. And you know I rarely ask for such help. This time, I'm asking for your contribution toward something that will help us all.

Frackbusters NY has created electronic billboards that will go up on a highway into Albany traversed by Governor Cuomo and state legislators on their way to work. We want to run the billboards for a month starting the day before the governor's State of the State address on Wednesday, January 8.

I've included three near-final billboard designs below so you can take a look. Picture tens of thousands of commuters viewing and cheering our message on their way to work! Picture these billboards greeting the governor, state senators and assembly members for an entire month!

Four thousand dollars will make this message for the 99 percent happen.

One hundred of us, each giving one percent, $40, will allow us to put up these images.

Suggested donation: 1%, or forty dollars. Smaller and larger donations all greatly appreciated as well, of course!

Please make checks out to Linda Leeds (our treasurer) and put "FBNY Billboard" in the memo line. Mail to:

PO Box 924, Woodstock, NY 12498.

If you are mailing a check please let Linda at or Mary at know so we can keep track.

Donations are NOT tax deductible, but they will be put to excellent use and I can vouch for the honesty and integrity of this group, which I co-founded.

Scroll down to learn more about FBNY, who we are, our mission and vision, and how to join us.

Thank you for considering making a contribution and for all you do!

Please share this appeal with your groups and contacts. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2014 with much to celebrate.



FBNY - Who We Are: We hail from all parts of New York State, are determinedly grassroots, and take no funding from any organizations, political parties, or corporations. We share a deep commitment to making fracking and related industrial harms crimes in New York State law, as we recognize they are in practice -- crimes against Nature and people, which threaten our very survival as a species.

Since 2011, when we introduced the idea of criminalizing fracking and related industrial activities, we have been dismissed, scoffed at, and called radical, but over time increasingly quoted, as more and more people have come to realize that Fracking Is indeed a Crime against People and Planet. Some have called it re-criminalizing fracking because before the Energy Act of 2005, the oil and gas industry were not exempt from laws protecting air, water, and people from poisons.

Like our allied organizations, the Coalition to Protect New York and SPAN, we define fracking as much more than the short-term industrial drilling practice of shooting millions of gallons of water laced with silica and toxic chemicals deep underground to shatter shale rock and release the molecules of methane trapped inside. We use the term fracking to mean all the processes involved in exploring, developing, extracting, disposing, storing, and distributing shale gas (so-called “natural” gas) via unconventional drilling, and all related industrial activities. For many of us who have studied the process and observed its devastating effects, fracking also denotes the “fracturing” of our health, environment, properties, communities, legislatures, media, livelihoods, and way of life by those who would usurp and abrogate our rights.

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