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Senate Forum on the Economic Realities of Fracking in New York

by Chip Northrup on February 5, 2014

The Frack Myth Busters presented our views of New York’s shale gas prospects to the Senators, including Sen Latimer, Krueger, Avella and Tkaczyk. There was an audience of about 50, including reporters, a few fracking lobbyists, DEC staff, and fractavists – Clare Donahue, Julia Walsh, John Armstrong, Clark Rhodes, etc. Lou’s summary of our presentation’s conclusions are here: Excerpts from Sen. Avella’s Forum

The stars of the show were Yvonne Taylor, Beth Radow and Jannette Barth = who addressed the negative economic impacts of fracking on mortgages, other industries, road costs, health care and agriculture. Jannette suggested that a separate hearing be held to address the collateral damage of fracking – the infrastructure, frack slop on roads, etc. Best idea of the day. See Fracking Job Estimates

There was a third panel scheduled to address the insurance risks of fracking - the lack of homeowners insurance to cover damages – and the lack of liability insurance to cover drillers when they contaminate water, etc. But the insurance industry lobby informed the 4 panelists the night before that they could not testify ! Which speaks volumes – fracking in populated areas is uninsurable and they don’t want that talked about in public. Imagine that.
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