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Minisink: Public Hearing 2/13; Written Comment Info

Urgent Call from Friends for Help

“DAVID”: The people of Minisink, who have been fighting tooth-and-nail against the heartless industry and collusionist or uncaring legislators who have turned their bucolic piece of the fabled Black Dirt Region of NYS into a depressing, sick-making trauma zone. The Black Dirt, where some of the sweetest onions and root vegetables known to Northeast diners are grown, is also the region where many 9/11 First Responders settled to de-stress surrounded by clean air, fresh water, and quiet after their traumatic heroics in Lower Manhattan over many months. Now they, and the many organic farmers and peace-loving residents who call Minisink home, are being poisoned by fumes escaping from the Minisink Compressor Station, and now they’ve got a new enemy breathing down their necks in the form of . . .

“GOLIATH”: The frackers and related industrial marauders, and the local and state legislators in their pockets, who now want to erect a gas-fired (surprise!) power plant in Wawayanda, NY, just seven miles from the Minisink Compressor Station. It’s intended to connect Minisink to the Millennium Pipeline and is predicted to emit a minimum of 10 TIMES the amount of the very same contaminants that the compressor station is currently emitting, making people sick. The company is called CPV Valley (at least that’s what it’s called right now. It’s always hard to keep up, as the corporation that built the compressor station, which they fought for two years before it was plopped in the middle of their homes last year, has changed hands and name already.)

CRITICAL "PUBLIC HEARING” regarding the CPV Valley Gas-Fired Power Plant in Wawayanda. Note that if you can't be there in person next Thursday, you can still be a great help. See the attached for info on how to submit comments.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2014, 6:30 P.M.

Orange County Community College (SUNY Orange), Gilman Center Library, Room 130, 115 South Street, Middletown, NY, 10940.

1. Because these are our friends and neighbors. 2. Because this will be us all next; plans are well underway to convert several coal-fired plants to gas all over the state, and all that requires pipelines, and all of them require compressor stations, and it all feeds on itself. 3. Because the industry and its partners in the regulatory agencies have almost certainly already agreed behind closed doors to switch the station to gas, and the only possible way to reverse that blood-spill of a deal is to demonstrate a massive public outcry against it, from all regions of the state, saying that we KNOW what they’re up to and we will not stand for it. 4. Because the industry has got its paid shills lined up to speak in support of the gas-fired plant, and we need to show up in much greater numbers to show that we resist, together in solidarity. 5. Because they are holding this short-notice meeting on a February weeknight; one can only conclude they expect weather and work/school obligations, as well as apathy or fear, will keep people away. We cannot let them be right. 6. Because, well, read this from artist, new farmer, newlywed, friend, and fellow activist Asha Canalos; this might well inspire us to give up a few hours and show up in support:

We need help! Public notice has just been issued of this important hearing [on] approval of CPV Valley Gas-fired Power Plant in Wawayanda [in the very heart of the] food-shed closest to NYC. . . . CPV Valley is petitioning for a certificate of public convenience an necessity, approval of a "lightened regulatory regime," and of "Financing" most likely connected to recently proposed rate hikes--so we [would] actually subsidize their misdeeds, if they are successful. This is a very critical situation!

I cannot describe what a difficult few years now it has been for Minisink residents; morale and energy levels are low as the compressor blow-downs continue, making the community feel absolutely dis-empowered as we wait for our case to be heard at the U.S. Court of Appeals. It would mean so much, and be significant for our joined and larger struggles, if we could get a good number of people there, our allies and neighbors, our friends, to be at this hearing- and if you are inclined, to give testimony.

It has been the consistent stance of local union leaders to get a large number of unemployed union workers from around the region, who have been misled- and pumped up into literally "booing" us- at these Orange Co. public meetings; local business folks and school boards also largely completely on board with this crap. We very much need informed voices of reason, as many as we can get. Additionally, all written material submitted will then also become part of the public record.

Attached is the hearing notice from the NY Public Service Commission.

Thank you, and all best,

Asha Canalos


Please arrange to carpool with others if you are driving from a distance! The Minisink and Orange County folks will be grateful to those who can make the trip, but if you can't be there in person, you can still be a great help. The attached notice has info on how to submit comments.

The best thing about this fight — actually, one of the few good things — is that we get to meet and stand together with so many wonderful people, like you. Thank you for all you do!

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