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New York Senators, and the Town of Geneva, Oppose Gas Storage Proposals

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New York Senators, and the Town of Geneva, Oppose Gas Storage Proposals

In two separate actions, more opposition came through this week against Crestwood Midstream’s (formerly Inergy’s) proposed gas storage/transport facilities on Seneca Lake.

The first came via a letter addressed directly to Governor Cuomo and DEC Commissioner Joe Martens. Four New York Senators write, “As Senators representing New Yorkers, we urge you and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to deny the applications for permits by Crestwood Midstream and its subsidiaries to store Liquefied Petroleum Gas and expand Natural Gas storage in the depleted salt caverns along Seneca Lake….Through your local, economic development councils, you have supported a ground-up, community-based regional economic development strategy. This strategy is clearly working for businesses around Seneca Lake and throughout the Finger Lakes region. We stand behind your vision, and encourage you to continue to promote and preserve the sustainable, cooperative growth occurring in the heart of the Finger Lakes. As such, we strongly urge your DEC to deny permits to Crestwood Midstream and its subsidiaries: Finger Lakes LPG Storage, LLC and Arlington Storage Company, LCC for their proposed storage projects in the Town of Reading, in Schuyler County, New York.”

The second came following a unanimous vote from the Town of Geneva to pass a Resolution requesting that the DEC deny permits for the gas storage/transport facilities. This resolution has been sent to both Governor Cuomo and the DEC. The city of Geneva is the most densely populated city around Seneca Lake. The Resolution States, “Whereas Seneca Lake provides drinking water to over 100,000 people, including people of Geneva, and is the most important natural resource in the area; and whereas this project poses unacceptable risks of pollution to Seneca Lake and the surrounding land and air and of uncontrollable fires and explosions in the event of an accident, and will industrialize the region and thereby damage the long-standing growing agriculture wine and tourist industries that form the back bone of the region, Now Therefore, it is resolved that the Town Board of the Town of Geneva is in unanimous opposition to this project and urges the Department of Environmental Conservation and other agencies having jurisdiction over it to deny approval and protect the people and other inhabitants of this area, and the environment, from it.”

These actions fall within a growing number of governmental bodies, organizations and individuals to come out publicly in opposition of these projects. “So far, we have every county surrounding Seneca Lake, with the exception of Schuyler, publicly denouncing Crestwood’s proposals to turn the Finger Lakes into the gas storage and transport hub for the Northeastern United States, with Seneca Lake at its epicenter. Senator Nozzolio has also written two letters to DEC Commissioner Joe Martens, the Schuyler County Environmental Management Council has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to deny permits to expand natural gas storage, and Schuyler County Health care Professionals have sent letters to local, state, and federal decision-makers requesting a halt to these projects” said Yvonne Taylor, Co-Founder of Gas Free Seneca. “We urge Governor Cuomo’s DEC to take note of this growing regional and state-wide opposition and deny these projects”, Taylor added.

For those interested in learning more about these proposals, there will be a Community Forum on Tuesday, March 11th at7:00pm at the Watkins Glen High School Auditorium, 301 12thStreet, Watkins Glen, New York 14891.

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