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“The Fracking War”

Even large, well-established publishing houses have mostly backed away from promoting the books of authors they publish, even well-known, big names with good commercial sales track records.

That’s why I am so sure that each copy of “The Fracking War” weighs just under two pounds.

Earlier this week I received 400 books here in California, books that are being personally delivered to newspapers, magazine editors, columnists, book reviewers, bookstores and other print retailers here and across the United States on the drive back to the Finger Lakes in coming weeks.

While “The Fracking War” is available commercially for bookstores, so are thousands of other new titles competing for reader attention.

By the way, driving around with my car trunk loaded with books feels a little like being on the Amway sales circuit, but minus the hand cleaners and detergents.

So what is “The Fracking War” novel about?

Pretty much what the title implies.

It’s a fictional tale of a rapidly escalating struggle between corporations using hydrofracking technology to extract natural gas (and oil) from shale deposits — and those who oppose the technology. Things get pretty heated, just like real life.

It’s set in the Finger Lakes and central Pennsylvania. There are heroes and villains. And so far, reviewers give the book high marks.

Those reviewers include Bill McKibben of the environmental group and Sandra Steingraber, a Finger Lakes environmentalist, biologist and author.

There is a saying among newspaper professionals that every journalist has a novel inside them. And that’s exactly where it should stay.

Perhaps. Readers get to decide that.
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