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(Some of you have seen an earlier cut of the film - this is the polished cut, with balanced sound and other refinements please share with list serves and others surprise us and bring a friend who is in favor of the gas industry drilling their community. EVERYONE WELCOME!)

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Bath, NY, March 27, 2014 at 7 pm

SUNY Geneseo, March 29, 2014 at 4 pm

$10 suggested donation (no one refused for lack of funds)

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This passionate and powerful documentary film, with local connections, will be screening at two locations; Bath and Geneseo. Many of the people interviewed in the film are from our central New York region. These people play a significant part in this documentary that is currently being released on a national grassroots tour. The associate producer of the film, Dave Walczak lives and works in Bath, NY. These screenings offer a unique opportunity to see the documentary and meet one of the principles of the film. This 3-year project was filmed primarily in PA, NY, CO, CA and includes footage from a broad variety of contributors. Dave and other guests (to be announced) will be at both screenings, to be followed by a question and answer discussion.

This film was directed, edited and produced by Emmy award winning Resolution Pictures near Allentown, PA. This company's work, produced by two brothers Renard and Matt Cohen, have spanned decades of television production and documentary film. With their experience and uncanny handling of the subject matter, it brings this often disputed topic to a new level of scrutiny.

Groundswell Rising portrays a social movement; people fighting for health, safety and their children's futures. People in the film speak to abuse of land rights and their civil liberties. The issue involves the legacy we leave our children. It is a dense and multi layered look at problems stemming from fracking. This film includes the moral and ethical perspective not often discussed in this hotly debated issue. Groundswell Rising is an in-depth compilation of voices; plain and simple, it's about the human side of the fracking debate. This film should be watched by everyone, including those involved in this industry and those considering leasing their land to gas companies. There are no political sides, and the values depicted are deeply conservative. This is one of the most important issues of our lifetime. Please invite your neighbors and friends to see for themselves the testimonies of people directly affected by this industry. This film is a well balanced documentary that is engrossing , emphatic and ultimately optimistic.

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Associate Producer
GROUNDSWELL RISING: Protecting Our Children's Air & Water
Resolution Pictures

Dave Walczak
19 Allen St.
Bath, NY 14810


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