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New Yorkers Against Fracking: Sandra Steingraber

Dear fellow New Yorkers,

A year ago, I wrote my annual Earth Day address from the confines of six-by-seven-foot cell in the Chemung County Jail.

To explain why I felt civil disobedience was justified in the struggle to keep explosive fracked gases out of lakeside salt caverns near my home, I used two pieces of paper, the back of one envelope, and a stubby pencil (which I guarded carefully throughout my ten-day stay).

This year I write to you via a laptop computer from a hotel room in North Carolina — which, like our own state, lies firmly in the crosshairs of the gas industry. Tonight, I’ll speak at a podium in a large auditorium to an audience who will want to know how we New Yorkers have, for six long years, succeeded in keeping our home free of fracking.

I’ll say that we have science on our side. Along with economics.

I’ll say that we have love on our side. Along with water, air, wine, beer, cows, yogurt, cheese, tourism, and trout fishing.

I’ll say that we have a vision and a plan for a renewable energy future. Along with the resolve to champion it.

And I’ll say that New Yorkers are unrelenting in their willingness to speak truth to power — over and over again — about all of the above. When invited to submit public comments, we deliver. In person. In writing. In spades.

Silence in the face of industry-funded deceit? Not an option for us.

In that spirit, here is your Earth Day assignment from me.

Just eight days from now — on April 30 —New Yorkers Against Fracking will print out and deliver to Albany thousands of public comments on Governor Cuomo’s draft energy plan.

And, friend, we need some words from you.

The draft energy plan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Wrapped in reassuring slogans and pretty pictures, it professes to advocate for clean energy, but, as the fine print makes clear, it would actually pave the way for fracking-related infrastructure — including pipelines, compressor stations, LNG facilities, gas-fired power plants, and even fracking itself.

On the one hand, the plan professes to support the state’s commitment to an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, it betrays that promise by incentivizing bigger and deeper investments in dirty fossil fuels.

Slick. But not slick enough.

We’ve done the hard work of locating the various incoherencies, contradictions, and sleight-of-hand semantics. All you have to do is sharpen your stubby pencils (so to speak) and express your opinion on the evidence laid before you.

The central message is this: Governor Cuomo, your path to a clean energy future is blocked by fracking and the fossil fuel industry's desire to make New Yorker's dependent on fracked gas. Without a ban, you have no plan. It's time to ban fracking and shift New York to a bright future built on renewable energy.

Here’s how to add your voice to the swelling chorus:

Submit a comment TODAY on the New Yorkers Against Fracking web site
Forward this alert to friends, family, and neighbors
Visit the Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy web site to read 22 sample letters and then use them as models for your own

Although the comment period officially ends on Wednesday, April 30, we need time to print and box up all your critiques, so please submit any and all comments by Monday, April 28.

Help us generate even more comments by forwarding this email to family, friends, neighbors, faith groups, and community groups.

The pen is mightier than the drill.

So, get to work right now…in honor of Earth Day and our children’s unfractured future.



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