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Anti-Fracking Radio Special on WNBF with Jeremy Alderson

Jeremy Alderson's radio special re: anti-fracking Sun, 4/27, 7-8pm est.

Please be sure to tune in. As Jeremy notes, his special has been granted on a show with right-weighted tail feathers. How? dunno. Why? dunno. Interesting venue for the topic, interesting if there's a q&a time.

Clear sailing to you, Jeremy, and THANK YOU!


As I've mentioned, I will be doing maybe America's first ever anti-fracking special on an otherwise right-wing radio station that carries Limbaugh and Hannity.

I will be on WNBF in Binghamton, NY, from 7 to 8 p.m., eastern time, this upcoming Sunday, April 27th. Everybody will be able to hear the broadcast. You can listen in two ways.

If you live in the area, WNBF's signal is at 1290 AM. Unfortunately, three-quarters of the way through my show, WNBF is scheduled to make its automated power down to a nighttime signal, so some of you who tune in this way may lose the station before the end of the show.

Here is a map of WNBF's daytime signal:

Here is a map of WNBF's nighttime signal:

(These maps are only approximations.)

You can also listen in over the internet:

As for the show itself. It won't be like the No Frack Almanac. In the paper, I always kept the discourse within the parameters of the movement I was trying to serve, but I've been on the radio for a long time, and I am who I am on the air. So I will be approaching the issue differently.

I hope you'll be listening.

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