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Film: Groundswell Rising - Protecting Our Children's Air and Water

Hi All-

Weíre getting closer to the May 14 showing of the film Groundswell Rising at the Park Church in Elmira. Since CPNY is one of the co-sponsors of the film, letís do all we can to help get a good turn-out for this powerful film.

Because the film looks at the profound impact of fracking on the lives of ordinary people, it raises some important moral and ethical issues. Faith-based groups might have a special interest in the film. As with all of our events, itís always rewarding when we can bring in some new faces.

Our good friend and associate producer of the film, Dave Walczak, is going to get some special coverage prior to the film showing. On May 11th he will appear on WENYís Twin Tiers Sunday show with producer Jennifer Sheahen. Jeff Murray from the Star-Gazette is doing an interview with Dave and will probably have an article in the SG also on May 11th. There will likely be an article midweek in the Corning Leader.

So please letís all help make this event a success. (Donít forget to encourage our elected officials to attend- the personal touch is always good and you never know- they might just show up!)

Thanks so much,

Bette Ek

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