Starkey Citizens for a Clean & Healthy Environment
Chemung Landfill: Chemung Legislature: Mon, 5/12,7:00 PM. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD

Dear Friends,

Please find below the 2014 meeting schedule for the Chemung County Legislature. Within the next few months the legislature will decide whether to expand its dump: A) physically beyond its current footprint and B) to increase its tonnage acceptance rate from 180,000 tons per year to a maximum of 417,000 tons per year, about a 230% increase in capacity.

The next meeting of the full legislature is Monday, May 12 at 7:00 PM. Please attend and consider speaking.

Casella Waste, the Vermont based operator, plans to increase the tonnage of PA Marcellus Shale drill cuttings it accepts at the Chemung County dump. More of the waste generated right here at home will be shipped elsewhere to make room for the additional drill cuttings along with garbage from downstate, both of which are more profitable for Casella. But at what cost to the residents of Chemung County? Is our collective health really less important than Casella's profit motive? Will we stand for letting a corporation gain wealth at our expense (clean water/good health)?

It is a fact: Drill cuttings from PA are radioactive. The cuttings are radioactive well above background radiation at the surface and well above the legal environmental limit. The type of radioactive material present in the PA drill cuttings being deposited in the dump is water soluble. Leachate from the dump, with contributions from drill cuttings, is collected in "ponds" and trucked to Elmira water treatment facilities for "treatment" after which it is dumped directly into the Chemung river where many of us get our drinking water. There is no treatment facility in the county that can remove radioactivity from water.

Do we really need to be accepting Pennsylvania's problems into the lives of our families and communities?

I hope you will join the growing number of county residents and friends who are speaking out about this issue. The past two county legislature meetings have been packed. Please join us next Monday, May 12 at 7:00 PM. Please also consider making a presentation to the legislature that night. If you choose not to speak, your presence will support those of us who do. Thank you very much.


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