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Climate Change in the U.S. in 8 Compelling Charts

By Brian Kahn

The newly released National Climate Assessment spans 30 chapters with thousands of references on how climate change is impacting the U.S. The report took more than 300 scientists and 4 years to prepare, including addressing more than 4,000 comments from the public. The message of the report is that climate change is already happening across the country.

“Climate change is not a distant threat, it is already affecting every region of the country and key sectors of the economy. This national climate assessment is the loudest and clearest alarm bell to date,” White House science advisor John Holdren said in a phone call with reporters.

That message is reinforced by a number of powerful images in the report. To understand the changes that are already occurring and what's projected for the future, here are eight of the report's most compelling graphics that each tell a chapter of the global warming story.
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