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Anti-fracking Documentary to Ppremier in Elmira

Dave Wolczak, of Bath, is associate producer of 'Groundswell Rising', a new documentary about the dangers of 'fracking' for natural gas. / JEFF MURRAY / STAFF PHOTO Written by Jeff Murray

The new documentary, “Groundswell Rising”, will be presented in a special screening at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Park Church, 208 W. Gray St. in Elmira. The event is free and open to the public but donations are welcome.

Dave Walczak has been working for about three years on a film called “Groundswell Rising”, which will be shown Wednesday at Park Church.

The film was directed, edited and produced by Emmy award-winning Resolution Pictures near Allentown, Pa., which is led by two brothers, Renard and Matt Cohen.

Groundswell Rising portrays a social movement, people defending health, safety, and their children's futures, according to the official news release. People in the film speak to abuse of land rights and the abuse of their civil liberties.

“Renard was interested in all the buzz about fracking,” said Walczak, who spent a career as a graphic artist and art teacher in the Bath-Haverling School District. “I was co-founder of the Coalition to Protect New York. They brought me on board as an adviser. I gave them advice because of my connection with a lot of people who are defending our communities.

“We formed a relationship. A few months later, they asked me to come on board as associate producer,” he said. “They knew I had camera abilities. I know so many people working on (the fracking issue).”
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