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Senate Democratic Conference Emphasizes Anti-Hydrofracking Waste Legislative Package

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(Albany, NY) The Senate Democratic Conference today highlighted a four-bill legislative package that would ensure all waste products caused by hydraulic fracturing will be properly disposed of to avoid damaging New York’s environment or natural resources. The bills were discussed at an environmental protection forum held by members of the Senate Democratic Conference.

“There are glaring loopholes within state law that allow hydrofracking waste products to enter our state despite the fact that hydraulic fracturing itself is not currently permitted in New York,” Senate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “State government has an obligation to ensure that hazardous and toxic hydrofracking waste products are banned from our water treatment facilities, landfills and roadways. I urge my Senate Republican/IDC colleagues to join with the Senate Democrats to close to these loopholes and protect New Yorkers’ health and our state’s environment and natural resources.”

While hydraulic fracturing is currently not allowed in New York State, many publicly-owned water treatment facilities and landfills are accepting waste products which result from the hydrofracking process. Additionally, efforts have been made to utilize hydrofracking waste water as a potential road de-icer, which would allow the hazardous chemicals found in this drilling by-product to contaminate local water supplies and natural resources.

Senator Ted O’Brien, Ranking Member of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, said, “Protecting New Yorkers and our natural resources from hazardous industrial practices and their byproducts should be a priority for every member of the Environmental Conservation Committee. There are currently multiple bills that would close loopholes and ensure waste products from the hydrofracking process are not allowed into New York State. Unfortunately, these bills are being held up by the Senate Republican/IDC Coalition and are not being brought to the floor for a vote before the whole Senate. I urge my colleagues in the Majority Coalition to drop their opposition to this common sense legislation and do what is best for our state’s residents and environment.”

The bills highlighted at the Senate Democratic Conference’s environmental protection forum will

Prohibit the transportation of any waste product derived from hydraulic fracturing operations. (S.5123-A – Senator Tkaczyk). This legislation will prohibit high volume hydraulic fracturing waste or waste by-products from being transported or shipped into or out of New York State for treatment, discharge, disposal, or storage purposes. On April 29, through a parliamentary procedure, S.5123-A was brought before the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, where it was unfortunately voted down by the Republican/IDC Majority.

Prohibits the Use of Hydraulic Fracturing Waste Products on New York State Roads and Highways (S.3333-A – Senator Gipson). This initiative would ban waste water from hydrofracking operations, which can contain a variety of chemical and radioactive contaminants, from being used on highways for purposes such as melting ice.

Prohibit the Sale of Any Liquid Waste Products Derived from Hydrofracking Operations (S.3433 – Senator Krueger). This legislation will require the Department of Environmental Conservation to establish regulations concerning the proper disposal of waste products caused by the hydraulic fracturing process. Senate Bill S.3433 would also prohibit the sale or use of any liquid waste product caused from hydrofracking operations.

Ban water treatment facilities and landfills from accepting hydrofracking waste products (S.5412 – Senator Gipson). This bill would ban the acceptance of wastewater from oil or natural gas extraction activities at wastewater treatment facilities and landfills. This initiative recognizes that currently, treatment facilities are not properly equipped to handle hydrofracking waste chemicals, contaminants, and radioactive materials, and therefore this waste poses a threat to New York’s environment, waterways and public health.
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