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A Busy Crestwood Protest Day

SCHUYLER COUNTY, Nov. 20 -- The number of arrestees protesting the Crestwood energy firm's gas storage plans climbed to 52 Wednesday with the arrest of nine people at two Crestwood gates along Route 14 north of Watkins Glen.

It was a busy day for the protest community -- one that also saw a rally and two court sessions involving 16 defendants, three of whom chose jail over a fine.

The day started with a gathering of 30 protesters in Seneca Harbor Park at 7 a.m., followed by carpooling to the two Crestwood gates. The gate-blocking went on for seven hours in bitter cold temperatures before police arrested seven men and two women. Three other men had been in one or the other of the two blockade lines for hours, but departed before police arrived.

The rally occurred outside the Reading Town Hall, with almost 100 supporters braving the bracing temperatures and gusting winds to hear speeches strongly urging that protesters continue their civil disobedience.

The two court sessions were both in Reading Town Court, where three of the 16 defendants -- including 86-year-old Roland Micklem -- opted for jail as an extended form of protest. Many of the other defendants pled guilty to Trespass and paid fines, with money provided by funds collected from supporters of the protest effort. A handful of cases were adjourned following not-guilty pleas.
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