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Crestwood Is Calling EVERYONE

Dear Friends,

We have received word from many of you that you are alarmed by calls you are getting from an Ithaca number, asking for your support of the LPG project on Seneca Lake.

This is an indication that Crestwood is desperately searching for support, and is paying someone to make these calls. They even have your cell phone numbers.

Please let us know if you have received a call, and how you-- and they-- responded. Most of you have said that when you tell them you are against the project, they simply hang up.

We wanted to alert you to this last ditch effort by Crestwood. Since these people must be on the Crestwood payroll, you may also wish to keep them on the line and ask them a few questions, if you have the time.

Things you might want to ask when/if the gas storage advocacy people call you to convince you that storing gas under Seneca Lake is a grand idea.

What kind of storage has been done there for years?

What kind of gas has been stored, and for how long?

In what type of caverns: lined rock caverns, engineered for gas storage, or unlined salt caverns on faults, that were never engineered to store anything?

How many jobs will be created, now that the Transportation Allocation Letter says that no trucks will be used for Propane or Butane?

Will you still be building the truck depot?

If so, why? Ė is your Transportation Allocation letter a way to avoid significant and substantive issues at the Issues Conference?

If not, why donít you re-write the entire DSEIS to be more reflective of the current project, and indicate how many full-time permanent jobs will be created now?

If the Propane and Butane are being transported via pipeline and rail headed to Selkirk, NY and points unknown (presumably New England), then why should we store it when we wonít be accessing any of it?

Are you fully insured in the event of a natural or human-caused accident?

Why should we assume all of the risk, when we receive NONE of the reward?

Yvonne Taylor
Co-Founder, Gas Free Seneca

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