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Call or Write Gov. Cuomo Opposing Crestwood

Dear Friends,

Below is the text from a mass mailing that Crestwood sent out a few weeks ago. Among other things, they include a stamped envelope with a letter of support to Cuomo. They are really working it.

The number included goes directly to "Level 3 Communications" in Binghamton.

This is precisely why we need YOU to contact Cuomo and tell him why you are opposed to gas storage. Their NY Propane Advocacy site is riddled with misinformation and non-truths.

Call or write Cuomo today: 518-474-8390, or go to this link for a sample letter to email or mail:

"Dear Neighbor,
Thank you for supporting the proposed Finger Lakes propane storage facility at the US Salt complex in Reading. You are part of a coalition that includes thousands of businesses, residents, and organizations from the region and across New York.

To ensure this shovel-ready project is approved, it is important that Governor Cuomo hears from you and your neighbors. Here are 3 steps to make sure that your voice is heard:

1. Review the enclosed letter to Governor Cuomo. You are welcome to sign the letter provided or write one of your own!

2. Place your letter of support in the pre-paid envelope.

3. Mail the pre-paid envelope to us. We will send your letter to Albany as part of a package with letters from other local supporters.

As your neighbor, we are committed to helping local communities understand the facts about this project and the real benefits that it will provide. Here aer some easy ways to learn more and stay involved:

* Review the Project Overview and Myth/Fact documents enclosed with this package
* Visit
* Attend a public Issues Conference on Thursday, February 12th at 10 a.m. The forum will be held at the Holiday Inn, 2666 Corning Road,
Horseheads, NY 14845

* Call us at 607-821-4887 to request a lawn sign, ask a question, or sign-up to help!

Thank you for support,
The Crestwood/US Salt Team

Please heed this plea for calls to Gov Cuomo, asking him to deny Crestwood's Finger Lakes LPG Storate application to store up to LPG in geologically faulted salt mines beside Seneca Lake. The storage in this type of salt mine is the most dangerous way to store LPG. And Finger Lakes LPG does not have - nor are they required to have - the resources to restore the damage caused by a catastrophic explosion, such as the one in Hutchinson, Kansas (see Finger Lakes LPG would simply abandon the site, leaving the inhabitants to carry on as best they could amid the wreckage.

Thank you
Dwain Wilder
Librarian, Poet, Rabble-rouser
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