Starkey Citizens for a Clean & Healthy Environment
Ban Slickwater Horizontal Hydrofracking In The Town of Starkey: The Petition

On December 1, 11 members of the Starkey Citizens for a Clean and Healthy Environment carried petitions in the Village of Dundee, the Glenora and Red Cedar Lane areas. We collected over 200 signatures, a good showing for a few hours of door to door contacts.

Now we ask your help. Attached is a petition for you to sign. Click the link below to print out the form. (Print in the portrait mode.) If you reside in Starkey. please ask your neighbors and friends to sign it also and return it to Jeanne Carley, 4758 Lambs Run Creek Rd, Dundee, NY 14837. If you or your neighbors have already signed this petition please donít sign again.

Put January 23 on your calendar for a debate between Dr. Tony Ingraffe and Dr. Terry Engelder from Penn State representing the gas industry point of view.

Jeanne and Harry Carley
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